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Adult Self-Management Program

Take this quick Anger Quiz

For each question, please choose the answer that best fits the way you deal with the following situations.

1. If I become frustrated when something I'm attempting to fix does not work, I:
-   Keep my cool.
-   Verbally express displeasure.
-   Hide my anger inside.
-   Physically take it out on the thing I am trying to fix.
-   Strike out at anyone or anything that happens to be close.

2. When I am verbally criticized, I:
-   Listen and try to understand their point of view.
-   Walk away.
-   Pout and sulk.
-   Become argumentative and verbally attack.
-   Physically strike out at the person.

3. When unjustly accused of something, I:
-   Stand up for myself.
-   Assume a passive position and stay silent.
-   Complain to someone else.
-   Become verbally aggressive.
-   Become physically assaultive.

4. When peers tease me, I:
-   Ignore them.
-   Tease back.
-   Leave the group and sulk.
-   Counterattack aggressively.
-   Physically attack my tormentor.

5. When I fail at something that I thought I could succeed at, I:
-  Accept it and try to learn from the experience.
-  Rationalize, and become defensive.
-  Brood about it.
-  Put the blame on someone else, where it belongs.
-  Take my anger and disappointment out on myself or on someone else.

6. When I feel that I am being pushed to change, I:
-   Try to recognize that I may really need to change.
-   Ignore those trying to push me.
-   Take it personally.
-   Dig in my heels and resist all suggestions.
-   Become physically or verbally assaultive.

7. When I feel that people are setting limits on me, I:
-   Try to understand what is being requested and why.
-   Passively accept the limits, and generally don't question the need.
-   Become defensive, resistant and argumentative.
-   Openly defy or ignore them.
-   Become physically assaultive, or figure out ways to get even.

8. If I am rejected when I am trying to help, I:
-  Accept that others might not want my help.
-  Try harder to help.
-  Take it personally.
-  Tend to become verbally judgmental of them.
-   Take it as a personal putdown and often take out my anger on myself or someone else.

 Your Score is: 

Compare your score below

32 to 40
Congratulations, you seem to be able to handle your anger effectively. Perhaps you have a friend who needs our services.

24 to 31
While you do have some ability to handle your anger, it appears that you may want to make some changes ~
we can help.
or less
You need help with the management of your anger. Contact the Community Assistance Center ASAP.



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