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The Community Assistance Center Programs help increase a participant's chance of a violence and crime free life.

Juvenile Anger Management Program (operating since 1988, 500+ served) teaches young people new skills to positively express their emotions in ways which cause no harm to others or themselves. The goal is to help them understand that they have choices and show them how to use them.

Community Assistance Program (operating since 1958, thousands of men and women served) assists offenders, ex-offenders, and crime-prone adults. Our expert counselors provide personal , family and vocational counseling, job placement assistance, housing assistance, and advocacy within the criminal justice system to those in need.

Sex Offender Treatment Program (operating since 1991, 500 offenders served)works to get those convicted of sexual assault to take responsibility for their crimes. Through an aggressive curriculum, it strives to help participants see their relationships and responsibilities to others in the community and, in particular, gain a feeling of empathy for their victims. S.O.T.P. is offered in Halawa Correctional Facility and in the Community Assistance Center's offices.

Hui Ola Program (operating since 1990, 300 juveniles served)helps selecte juveniles from the Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility develop new skills so that they can function more successfully in the community when they are discharged. By improving their social skills the Hui Ola Program gives clients new options and creates opportunities for them. Hui Ola's core focuses are cognitive restructuring, substance abuse counseling, and life skills. This residential program gives clients the opportunity to complete educational goals, obtain vocational training or secure employment.

Adult Self-Management Program is a professionally designed and delivered preventive program that equips individuals with the skills needed to successfully manage such strong emotional states as stress, anger, and anxiety on the job and off.

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