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The Community Assistance Center History:

The Community Assistance Center was formerly known as the John Howard Association of Hawaii.

Who was John Howard?
John Howard was the 18th Century prison reformer who dedicated his life and fortune to improving conditions in English prisions.

What is the John Howard Association of Hawaii
The John Howard Association (JHA) is a private non-profit criminal justice agency operating in Hawaii since 1958. JHA has four major operating program areas.

1. Community Assistance Program.
2. Sex Offender Treatment Program.
3. Juvenile Anger Management Program.
4. Hui Ola Program.

JHA also works for the improvement of Hawaii's criminal justice system through public information and education, initiation, and support of penal reform, and the development of new programs tailored to the needs of the people of Hawaii.

JHA is dedicated to the concept of alternative sentencing as a means of lowering taxpayer costs and improving prison conditions, providing responsible community treatment plans, monitoring and redefining external programs, and supporting progressive individualized plans for sentences other than prison for qualified convicted felons.

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