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Mission Statement:

The Community Assistance Center is a private, non-profit organization which works to make Hawai`i a safer place. We serve the community by teaching our clients who are offenders, offender's families, ex-offenders, and youth involved with the criminal justice system, a range of fundamental skills which help them become more self-reliant, crime free, and productive citizens.

Our work improves community safety and supports the criminal justice system by increasing the effectiveness of an offender's rehabilitation. The C.A.C. programs lower the cost of incarceration to the taxpayer, by both reducing the recidivism rate among felons and by providing sound sentencing components which may reduce an offender's prison time. The Community Assistance Center improves the criminal justice system and its results by initiating and supporting penal reform, educating the public, and developing programs tailored to the needs of Hawai`i's people.

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